Laser marking machine engraving learning stationery is more beautiful

With the continuous development of economy and technology, the types of stationery have become more diversified, traditional stationery has gradually withdrawn from the market, and creative and special stationery have gradually become popular. Especially the mature development of laser technology, laser cutting, engraving, hollowing, etc., has also made great progress in the stationery industry and brought a series of innovative “new” stationery products.

Laser marking machine engraving learning stationery is more beautiful

Stationery is a necessity for learning, and there is a great demand for students, its application range is also very wide, and the types are more diverse. For example: plastic stationery supplies include writing pens, scales, etc., metal products include pens, stainless steel rulers, etc., and wood products include triangle plates and pen holders. The above three materials can be marked with a laser marking machine. Subject.

Plastics: scales are needed for students to draw and do questions. Scales are not only used in schools, but also as important measurement tools. They involve all aspects of work and life. They can not only meet the experimental needs of physics, chemistry, and medicine. It is also an indispensable working tool in the construction of houses, land, and clothing.

The scale line of the ruler processed by the traditional method will be blurred and disappeared after a short period of time, requiring a lot of consumables, and it is difficult to guarantee the permanence and accuracy of the scale. At this time, the scale laser marking machine with coexistence of accuracy and speed is extremely important.Laser marking not only guarantees the anti-wear ability of the scale, but also provides accurate measurement performance, and it has no consumables, more beautiful, no pollution, Fast speed and good marking effect.

Laser engraving learning stationery

Metals: Pens are especially carefully selected by students. A good-looking pen will even be given to friends as a gift. Using a laser marking machine to engrave customized text or patterns on the surface of metal pens can arouse students Our desire to buy. For the company, a series of information such as the company’s LOGO, slogan, two-dimensional code, etc. can be engraved on the pen for commercial promotion.

木型:笔座,用二氧化碳激光打标machine to engrave simple or complex patterns and patterns at will. The marked logo is beautiful and exquisite, without burrs and other appearance problems, and is widely welcomed by manufacturers and processors. The pen holder also has a strong commercial value. The company brand logo is marked on the pen holder with a laser marking machine to increase the visibility of the company’s brand.

The graphics, characters, and serial numbers marked by the Triumph laser marking machine are clear, wear-resistant, and belong to non-contact processing, so the processed workpiece is not damaged or deformed. The logo that the product needs to present can be scanned and typeset by computer according to the pattern provided by the customer. It is scientific and the serial number is completely automatically adjusted. The engraving speed is fast, the operation process time is less, and the production efficiency is improved.

If you need to engrave stationery, use Triumph laser marking machine.

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