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    Laser cutters for acrylic, plexiglas, TroGlass, Perspex and PMMA

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Acrylic laser cutting engraving

CO2 laser cutting machine are particularly well suited for laser cutting acrylic, Acrylic is a versatile material for laser cutting and engraving. Commonly used as signage, furniture inserts, fish tanks, jewellery and tableware, Acrylic comes in a wide range of colours. It’s even available as mirror material! The possibilities are endless.

Project description

With the laser, you can realize even the most delicate geometries or photo-engravings on acrylic.The laser cut produces crystal-clear cutting edges and inner contours and no additional after-treatment of the material is required. When engraving acrylic glass and Plexiglas, the laser removes the surfaces.

You just need to set the speed and power for your files.It is easy!

Application examples of acrylic cutting

The laser beam is the universal “tool” for acrylic processing regardless of the shape and material thicknesses. The advantages of laser cutting are undisputed in the plastics and advertising technology sector.

Advertising technology

Digital printing

Outdoor and indoor signs

Acrylic trophies


POS materials

Architectural model

exhibition construction

Why should I buy a laser for acrylic cutting?

Flame-polished cutting edges without additional post-processing of materials: Due to significantly lower processing costs, acrylic processing with laser technology is up to 88% less expensive than processing with a milling cutter (processing time for tensioning and post-processing of the material, tools).

Function and advantages of laser technology

  • Time and cost-intensive manual polishing of the matte cutting edge is eliminated
  • Precise axis drives and intelligent air flow ensure optimal cutting results
  • Small shapes and radiuses can be cut to a tenth of a millimeter
  • The need for time-consuming deburring is eliminated
  • No time-consuming fixating of materials in comparison to milling cutters
  • No warping of the material